Bringing Hope, peace and the Love of Christ to the world: Lighting The lamp of happiness for the distressed, taking relieve to the oppressed, Scattering flowers of good will, beneficence for the welfare of men, Thereby reconciling them to God.

Choose Life And Flourish Café is a time and place where people gather in a coffee-house setting to hear inspiring stories and engage in conversation ( Time to chat, simple discussion activities and space for reflection in a style down-to-earth on a different topic every week. 

Are you ready to face the most important issues of life head on?

CDBC-WORLDWIDE CHOOSE – LIFE AND FLOURISH CAFE” will tug at your heart, stimulate your mind and help you experience authentic spiritual growth in areas of your life-

Answers to your Bible Questions

1. Why You need Jesus:- 

( Salvation The Need of the hour)

You have a past, 

You need a Friend, 

God holds the future. 

2. Accepting yourself as you are as God does

3. Overcoming your past ( Forgiveness )

4. Dealing with your hurts and Disappointments 

5. Overcoming Failure

6. Overcoming Life challenges

( Handling Trials And Temptations

7. Surviving the Storms of Stress

8. Lonely but never alone

9. What can I Do with my Worry?

( Turning anxiety into Trust)

10. What You can do with a Broken 


11. Where can We find Comfort

12. Who qualifies to be a Christian 


13. When Fear Seems Overwhelming ( finding Hope 

And Courage.

14. When Help is needed. A Biblical 

Vie of Counselling

15. When Hope is Lost ( dealing with 

Depression )

16. When Tragedy Strikes – Finding

Security in a Vulnerable world

17. What does the Bible say about 


18. Overcoming Disappointment in 

Prayer( Praying with Confidence)

19. Intimacy with God

20. Prayer and Intercession 

21. The Secrets of Enduring Success 

22. Heaven Our Eternal Home

23. What Do We Owe The Government (The Christian Obligation )

24. Living in Christ Divine City

25. A Biblical Description of Heaven

26. Prove your Love for God by knowing Him better. 

27. Recreate your world with your word. 

28. Helping People Succeed in Life. 

29. To Know Your duty for your Family 

30. How to maintain success 

Challenges: The stepping stones for your Promotion, and much more which aims to be enjoyable with great refreshment to help things along!

It’s the proven ministry that reaches the unreached with the love of Christ in a fresh, new way. 

Men and Brethren, this is what you Need today as The Holy Spirit Comes to Refresh and Empower us for God’s Work.

Life gets so complicated sometimes. So many things demand our attention: school, activities, friends, family, work. In all the chaos, we too often forget about — or blatantly ignore — what matters most for our lives. But deep down, we’re aware of the simple truth that nothing – no achievements, no pleasures, no possessions — equals to the value of human soul. Because what we most want for ourselves is to live our lives with significance and meaning. We long to be all that God created us to be.

If you have found yourself to busy to care for your soul; if you have been simply going through the motions of fulfilling God’s best plans for your lives and hoping things turn out okay; if you are ready to stop floating along in your routine in order to see a remarkable difference in your life — and profoundly impact the life of those around you — choose life and flourish is for you. 

Choose life and flourish tackles the crucial life issues you face, weaving together poignant personal reflection questions, inspirational quotes, real life stories from others, Gods promises, brief — but hard- hitting — Bible studies, practical life applications ideas, and prayer to help you to discover for yourself how to let your soul take flight and soar! Praise God! Hallelujah!

Choose LifeCafé is an hour-long, interactive experience that features real people’s real stories on film, guided conversation, biblical insights, and time to build relationships. Choose-LifeCafé tackles the topics people struggle with in everyday life.

With Choose Life Café, People who are discouraged in life resist coming to a regular church service come to Choose-Life Café week after week, eager to join in the conversation.

To Cement the faith of the faithful…

At Choose Life members share their faith stories with people hungry to hear, and open to listening.

And everyone grows closer to God…

Through guided conversation, biblical insights, compelling stories on film, and friendship-building experiences, God’s love shines bright at Choose-Life Café.

We will be running this course here at Christ Divine Bible church Luton at 334 Selbourne Road by New Covenant Church Luton, First Floor Left.

On Friday evening in the Autumn and on Friday evening in the Spring.

Autumn dates 2014– 

Spring dates 2015

We know this program will hallmark a new level of intimacy with God and blessings to our lives and the World in Jesus Name. Amen. 

We hope you will come and join us. Do bring your friends.

For more details or to register please contact Rev. Jerry Eze by email 

jerryeze178@yahoo.co.uk or by email 07952227676

How to help this charity

You can support Choose-Life Café in many ways, giving of your time in prayer as an intercessor for more Labourers in the field, (Matt. 9: 37 – 38) leave a legacy in your Will. Your material Resources, Financial giving, to help the church have its own property and building, or getting involved as the missionary Foundation: – prospective missionary, a Consultant, a coordinator or a contributor in any other way the Lord leads you. Further information can be found on our website: http://www.christdivinebiblechurch.org.uk or Donations should be made payable to Christ Divine Global School Of Prayer and send to No. 6. Muswell Close Luton Beds, LU3 2HP. To find out more about any of these methods of helping Christ Divine Global School of Prayer Please call us on phone: 07952227676. May our unfailing God, our faithful God prosper you spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and in every aspect as you commit yourselves, your time and your resources into God’s Work in JESUS NAME Amen 

Join us in Prayer here. 


Rev Jerry Eze

Christ Divine Bible Church UK


Need Prayer call:- +44(0)7952227676

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